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  • Biacore T200 - for proteins and biomolecular complexes, it provides kinetic, affinity, concentration, specificity and thermodynamic interaction data in real time with exceptional sensitivity.
  • Beckman Coulter Model XL-A Analytical Ultracentrifuge equipped with an Aviv Fluorescence
    Detection System
    - uses centrifugal force coupled to sensitive absorbance or fluorescence detection to determine the native molecular mass, shape and binding thermodynamics (i.e. affinity & stoichiometry) of proteins and biomolecular complexes in solution.
  • MicroCal iTC200 Isothermal Titration Microcalorimeter - measures the change in heat accompanying the titration of a ligand (e.g. drug) with an acceptor (e.g. protein) to permit the determination of affinity, stoichiometry and other molecular properties.
  • NanoTemper Monolith NT.115 RG Microscale Thermophoresis Instrument - uses the process of thermophoresis (i.e. a temperature gradient) to measure binding of an interacting partner (e.g. peptide, protein or ligand) to a fluorescently labelled acceptor protein.
  • NanoTemper Monolith Label Free Microscale Thermophoresis Instrument - employs thermophoresis to measure binding of an interacting partner to an acceptor protein using intrinsic aromatic amino acid fluorescence.